Event Guideline

1. Objective

i. Create a Guinness World Record under the topic of “STEM Education in Robot Coding and create a world record of mass programming” for fostering a technology atmosphere in robotics science amongst youngsters.
ii. Arouse interests in robotics sciences and computational thinking & coding skill amongst youngsters and excavate talents.
iii. Build up an image of innovation and technical focused of our new generation.

2. Event Arrangement

A half-day event for the Guinness World Record creation will be held in Star Hall at KITEC on Aug 22, 2021. Students will join together to do mass programming on robots to create a world record of “Most people programming simultaneously”. Every participating student has to program the robot to perform at least 2 motions. Officers from Guinness World Records will witness and record the event. The tentative rundown of the event is as follow:
0900-1000 Student Registration
1000-1100 Setup & testing & pre-run
1100-1225 Official programming work and record verification by Guinness
1225-1245 Record Announcement & group photo

(The rundown is subject to finalise)

3. Robot Requirements

i. Robot types for the event include drone, vehicle robot and humanoid robot.
ii. Requirements for robot choosing include but not limited to:
• Movement: The robot has to perform at least 10 different movements;
• Battery: The battery could last at least 30 min of consecutive robot movement;
• Wireless communication requirement: The robot and device could be connected by Wifi 2.4G/ Bluetooth/ Cellular 4G;
• Control Distance: The control distance is at least of 5 meters;
• Control Interface: The interface of controlling device has to be clear and easy-handling for primary and secondary students.


i. For P4-P6 and S1-S3 students of local schools. Proof has to be provided
ii. Participants can be school/ STEM center/ organisations basis. Participants will be divided into groups of 5 people each. No registration limit.

5. Schedule

i. 2020.11.01-2021.05.31 Online enrolment
ii. 2021.01-2021.06 Registration of Training Workshop
iii. 2021.03-2021.08 Workshop and Rehearsal
iv. 2021.08.22 Event Day

6. Terms and Conditions

i. Participants must study the rules and regulations carefully. Upon submitting the registration form, a participant is deemed to have accepted all Terms and Conditions of the Event, the Official Rules as stipulated and also to those that may be later introduced by the Organizer.
ii. All information provided by a participant in the registration form must be true and accurate.
iii. All enrollments must be submitted no later than the registration deadline. Entry is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
iv. HKPC reserves the right to close the registration any time, whether before or after the registration deadline specified, without prior notification.
v. Participating school could order specific robots with the official ordering form, or prepare their own devices (Click here for more details).
vi. Participants must participate in at least one of the workshops and/or practice activities organized by the Organizer for the event. Participants can make use of the venue provided by HKPC for practice purpose free of charge; All participants must cooperate with all rehearsal activities.
vii. Participants must strictly follow the instructions and grouping arrangement of the staff, and cooperate with all certification works conducted by the Guinness certification officers and their assistants.
viii. Participants must program in accordance with the robot movements specified by HKPC.
ix. Participants must retire and leave the event venue immediately if requested by any official, or security staff.
x. Information of the competition and workshops should be referred to the announcement on the official website. HKPC reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions of the event without further notice. In the event of any disputes, the Organizer reserves the right of the final decision.
xi. Please specify the terms for weather, COVID-19 or else.

7. Certificate

i. The Guinness Certification Officer will announce the record result on the event day.
ii. The start and end time of programming is subject to the announcement of Guinness Certification Officer.
iii. Only participants who have completed robot programming and display within the specified time could be counted in the final record.
iv. If the new record is successfully created, the HKPC will issue an appreciation certificate to participants within a certain working day after the event.
v. Participants who want to apply for the official individual certificate issued by Guinness will need to register with HKPC and bear the cost (£ 250, subject to change by Guinness World Record) of the certificate by themselves.

8. Cancellation

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or cut short the Event for the following reasons:
i. Adverse weather conditions
ii. Epidemics (including but not limited to COVID-19) and government policies on public gathering;
iii. Landslides, rock falls or hill fires along the event venue
iv. Protests or blockage around the event venue
v. Force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the Organizer and which renders it impossible, unsafe or impractical to hold the event. A force majeure event shall include, but is not limited to, act of God, war, hostilities, invasion, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, riot, commotion, strikes, go-slows, lock outs or disorder, outbreak of disease, acts or threats of terrorism.

9. Use of Personal Data

i. The Organizer and its agents shall have the absolute discretion to use any photograph, video, or any other record of the Event for any lawful purposes including advertising and promotion of the event.
ii. The personal data provided by participants may be disclosed to other organizations for the purposes mentioned above.
iii. We will never lease, exchange or sell any personally identifiable information that you have voluntarily supplied to us, including email address and telephone number.